Red Fox Winery: Urich, MO

Note: I am publishing this post-COVID.  We visited Red Fox pre-COVID, and that is when I wrote this.  (Just thought I would go ahead and publish.)

Wine-tasting at locally-owned Missouri wineries is one of my favorite things to do. As we traverse here and there across this great state, we love sampling the wines and food.

As a wine and food critic, I will admit that I am certainly an amateur. As an amateur, I have enjoyed wines and foods from all over the world!

Today, we had the opportunity to sample the wines at Red Fox Winery in Urich, Missouri. They do charge a fee to sample. Three for $3, six for $5, or nine for $8. We sampled nine wines today!

My wine palate is a bit all over the place. I tend to like dry wines over sweets, but some of my favorite wines ever are ports. I especially loved the tawny port I brought home from Spain.

So let’s talk about Red Fox. The property is especially beautiful. The grounds are well-kept and the buildings are well maintained with an eye for detail. The bistro building is clean and decorated tavern-style. There were two other couples tasting wines while we were. 

The wines were good. My husband, who has a sweeter palate than me especially enjoyed the blackberry and blueberry wines. On the sweet end, my favorite was the cranberry. My favorite semi-dry was the Traminette. It was floral and smooth. I’m usually a red girl, so this white was awesome to be called a fave. I also enjoyed their chambourcin, but the spicy oaky notes would suit me more in the winter months I think.

As we moved down the list to the dry wines, their 3 Oaks was definitely the crown jewel of all the wines. Aged in Oak barrels, this red has a nice color and finishes so smooth. Loved it.

We also tried their spinach and artichoke appetizer – so much more that our expectations!

I was expecting chips and dip, but what I got were these delightful stuffed puff pastry packets garnished with olives and feta. Nice! Overall, I recommend a visit to Red Fox. It’s always nice to relax while tasting wines at a beautiful Missouri farm.

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This Gen X’er is a teacher, farm wife, gardener, and mom. I’m an enneagram 8 if you’re into that kinda thing! Although I grew up a city girl, I married a generational restorative farmer! I hope you like my blog!

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